Dan Promotions On Saturday 28th January, three of our students were promoted at the national black belt presentation class held in Impington. Bradley Dearnley and Adrian Triance were promoted to the rank of Cho Dan and Louise Morton was promoted to the rank of E Dan. To see some pictures of the promotions
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Between March 22nd and March 25th Master Khan attended the Master’s Clinic in Alabama, USA. It was 4 days of intensive training with early morning starts and long days running late into the evening. This was a chance for Master Khan along with 165 Masters from all over the world to train under Grandmaster Beaudoin. While he was there Master Khan was told at very short notice that he would be pre-testing for his 7th Dan. Details of the test itself are not revealed but with his great skills and spirit Master Khan was successful in this first stage. Congratulations Sah Bum Nim! The testing for 7th Dan is a 2 year process so now he has a year to prepare for the 2nd stage of the test which will also take place in the USA. He also has to complete a 20,000 word thesis on a subject chosen by Grandmaster Shin.  Master Khan said “This is the beauty of the World Tang Soo Do Association, that from White Belt to Grandmaster you must go on the floor and prove you are worthy of your next grade. It was an honour to test alongside Master Strong who was testing for his 8th Dan Grandmaster rank.”
Testing Times
Master Khan outside of the HQ entrance
The other good news from the trip was that Master Khan had a chance to visit the new headquarters building in North Carolina. He was very impressed with the building and facilities and even got a chance to see Grandmasters new quarters. Master Khan said "Seeing the new headquarters was an emotional experience because the last time I'd seen it was just a big field and now to see Grandmaster’s dream become reality was amazing. Congratulations to Grandmaster Shin & all who have made his dream come true!!!!” The official opening of the headquarters will be on Sunday July 22nd and any students attending the World
Championships will be able to be there for a day of celebration and a picnic. To see more pictures from Master Khan’s visit
To see more pictures of the construction of the HQ you can visit the World Tang Soo Do site
There is a slight change to the Friday night classes in St Ives from the 4th of May. The classes will be held in the Sports Hall on COURTS 5&6. This is due to there being re-development work taking place in the Rec centre and the training rooms will not be available. We will be using the sports hall until September and then will be relocated until the Martial Arts facility is ready! The courts have been booked from 7-9pm, but class will start at the usual time of 7:30pm and needs to finish at 9pm sharp. Therefore can students come just after 7pm so that class can start prompt at 7:30pm.
St Ives Classes
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Stars of TV
 that features Poppy and her hearing dog for the deaf, Maddy. The karate class was led by Master Khan with help from Master Dawn and Master Noreen and was attended by a good mix of grades from the juniors. The class followed a typical pattern including warm up, basics, Hyungs, Sparring and One Step and lasted for about an hour while the cameras rolled. Great spirit was shown by all of the young students, as Master Khan said “You can’t expect to be Movie stars
On Saturday the 21st April a film crew from the iconic children’s television program, Blue Peter, came to film a specially arranged class at the Huntingdon Rec Centre. The film crew have been following Huntingdon Tang Soo Do student, Poppy Nicholson, and filming her doing various activities to put together a segment for the show
without spirit and effort”. Towards the end of the class Poppy was able to demonstrate the skills she has learned by breaking wooden boards. While the class was on, Maddy, the 3 year old Cocker-Poodle sat obediently in the wings watching her young owner. Poppy is one of 12 children that have been teamed up with a hearing dog for the deaf in a national trial of the scheme. Maddy acts as an alarm clock and can communicate a warning about different sounds, such as a doorbell, by sitting in different ways. The segment was broadcast on the CBBC channel on Thursday 10th May. You can link to the video on youtube via
The National Championships took place on Saturday 28th April at Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre in Birmingham. The St Ives and Huntingdon clubs were well represented with 15 students competing and many other higher grades giving their time to judge and keep score. The competition was one of the best attended in a long time with 367 students competing in total across all grades from tiny tigers and white belts through to 3rd Dan Black belts. The competition started at 10am with brown belts and above doing weapons hyungs. There were some early successes with Jim Liddle picking up a 2nd and Safiya Khan picking up a 3rd place in their respective divisions for Bong Hyung Sam Bu. Riley Tauber who trains with Huntingdon and St Ives on a regular basis also picked up a 1st place in her weapons division. After weapons there was an opening ceremony where we had the chance to be introduced to the senior instructors from Scotland who have recently come back to our association.
Next came the team forms competition where Huntingdon had a young team entered with Orange belt girls. They did a great display but were not placed, however it was their first experience of a competition so they did extremely well against other more experienced teams. Once team forms were complete the main part of the competition started where students from all grades perform a hyung and then take part in a knock out sparring competition. We had many successes in this part of the competition, as can be seen by the impressive medal haul if you Others found it a little tough with large groups and lots of skilled competitors from other clubs from across the country but they have gained valuable experience to prepare them for the next competition in Wales in September. Hopefully we will have an even bigger contingent of competitors for that one. To see some pictures of the competition 
National Championships
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Olympics Fever
July 8th saw Olympics fever hit St Ives and Huntingdon as the Olympic torch passed through the towns. 14,000 people lined the streets of St Ives and members of Master Khan’s clubs were in amongst them to help the celebrations. The weather could hardly have been worse but that did not dampen spirits as we lined up to watch the torch make its way through the town. After the torch had passed we lined up to take part in the sports parade which had been arranged to show the wealth and diversity of sport in the town. We held our banner high and marched through the town waving at the adoring crowds. The children showed real spirit singing out songs about Tang Soo Do. The parade ended at Slepe Hall playing field where the council had arranged St Ives own take on the Olympics, the 1st St Ives Silly Sports competition.
Our club entered a team including the Morton family and Bradley Dearnley. There were a number of events including sack race, egg and spoon, three legged relay and handbag hurling (which Bradley excelled at). There was some stiff competition from other clubs including hockey, tennis, rugby and air cadets but our team prevailed in thoroughly wet conditions and went on to take first place. (Chocolate) Gold medals were awarded to the team by the Mayor of St Ives. Victory never tasted so good! To see some pictures
World Tang Soo Do Student, Neil Adams carried the Olympic torch in Cambridge on Saturday 7th July. To view a short video
To see a short video
Tragic News
Unfortunately we have some tragic news, at 09:43am on 9th July 2012, our beloved Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin passed away. He had been suffering from ill health of late and finally succumbed to his illness over the weekend. He died peacefully in his sleep with his loved ones around him. As founder of our association Kwan Chang Nim built it up from nothing to a global family with over 150,000 members worldwide who all owe this legend of the martial arts a huge debt. His teachings and inspiration will live on in each student. The respect and awe which his students felt for him can be witnessed by the huge outpouring of condolences from Masters and Students alike on facebook and other websites. Martial arts legend Chuck Norrris was quick to mark his respects for his former instructor.  http://chucknorrisnews.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/grandmaster- jae-chul-shin-touched-many.html
The funeral service will be held for family and friends on Saturday, July 14th at noon near the site of the new HQ, in Burlington, NC. The second service shall be held at the Grand Opening of the new World Headquarters. All are invited to attend either one or both ceremonies. RIP Grandmaster. You truly were a legend.
Dan Promotions On Saturday 4th August, David Stopford of Huntingdon Tang Soo Do was promoted to the rank of e dan at the national black belt presentation class held in St Ives.  To see some pictures of his promotion The class was also the first time that the black belts and masters from across the country had come together since Grandmasters passing and so a book of condolence was available to sign and there was also an opportunity to buy memorial wristbands and ribbons.  If anyone would like to buy any more of these then please see Master Dawn.
Tigers on the move The Tiny Tigers class has moved location from the school to the main hall at Huntingdon One Leisure. The times have also changed. The class is now on from 4pm until 5pm. Children over 4 are welcome.
Dates for the diary The final grading of the year will be held on Sunday the 16th of December at Huntingdon Leisure Centre. The last lesson of the year in St Ives will be on Friday the 14th of December. The last class in Huntingdon will be on Thursday the 20th of September. The first lesson of the New Year will be in St Ives on Sunday the 6th of January. The first Huntingdon class will be on Tuesday the 8th January.
Christmas Party We had our annual Christmas party on the 9th of December at Ibrahimi’s in Peterborough. As always the food was very varied and delicious and included some rather unusual desserts I think everyone came away satisfied. We were also joined by members of other regional clubs so it was great to see so many people there. It was also a chance for Master Khan to hand out awards to members of the Huntingdon and St Ives clubs.  The recipients were as follows; Huntingdon Family of the Year - Henjes & Baltzer Family Huntingdon Senior Most Dedicated - Jim Huntingdon Junior Most Dedicated - Tia St Ives Family of the Year - Pandey Family St Ives Senior Most Dedicated - Bradley St Ives Junior Most Dedicated - Taylor and Connor The night ended with some brilliant dancing displays from tigers and juniors to Smooth Criminal, Gangnam Style and some Bangra tunes. A great night was had by all! Click here to see the pics.
December Grading The last Gup testing of the year was held on the 16th of December at Huntingdon One Leisure Centre. There were a lot of people testing from across the region and a number of our club’s students were on the floor. Master Khan and Master Dawn commented on all of the groups about how good the effort and spirit were and were impressed with the testing on the whole. Some of our students received the most improved award too. To see some pictures of the grading click here.